Well anyone who knows me(even for the shortest span of time) would know that I love gadgets and well according to me they love me back as well. I somehow feel that I have a way with them. Well coming to the point, I still remember the first picture I ever clicked with a camera. It was during one of those family trips to tirupathi, when my sister had developed ear ache and my dad was applying ear drops and I clicked it and put the camera away. Only when the film was developed did my dad realize that I had taken a picture. It was a Fujifilm, point and shoot camera. After that I continued to randomly click people (basically family members) in front of every monument we visited, zoo we went and summer vacations we enjoyed. Then came a time when this amateur photographer in me, clicked a very prized photo for a aging couple in one of the clubs my dad belonged to. That was the time when the same picture I had taken was printed multiple times. It was a Christmas party and Santa was an retired Army General. His wife stood next to him and I had taken the picture hoping to catch Santa in his elements and this picture became much talked about. Then came school trips, farewell parties, more school trips – these events became my favourite as that was when my dad would let me use the camera. Then somewhere between my dad bought a video camera for us. It was primarily used to shoot videos during my sisters birthday parties(that was the only birthday we celebrated). In-between there were these family functions marriages, engagements, house warming where I was expected to take pictures or shoot video. Then I went to college and started using my friends cameras in the trips we went for, the functions we had in college etc. Then there was the first digital camera that was a prized possession at home and couldnt be taken out.

The love for photography became apparent when I went to SP and there were some like minded folks and a professional pro with the help of whom, the first photography club was started. It was during those sessions and photowalks and trips to juhu beach that the real photographer in me was awaken. Then came the time when for the college play promo I had to take pictures and that took my interest to a new level.

So now coming to the point, I decided to buy myself a big gift – a DSLR – with my first salary. That is what I exactly did. Got myself an Canon 500D. And the pictures that I take will be a part of this blog regularly. You can also see the flickr stream around in the page.

About kanagavelkannan

A simple guy who takes life as it comes! Wakes up everyday wanting to do something different, does the same mundane thing called work and goes to sleep thinking he should do something different the next day! And inbetween all the above this soul completed his schooling, his BE, his MBA and survives by eating at home and working in IT.
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