Well, we are gearing up to celebrate our 62nd Independence Day and a pretty shameful one at that. Harsh statement you feel? Let’s see at the end of this post –
1. The Kashmir issue is really getting out of hand. The government really needs to step into to see something is done about it. Our own countrymen fleeing out of the state to save themselves is very pathetic to see.
2. The way we have understood CommonWEALTH Games is the next really disturbing fact. It’s a fact that it’s the common man’s money that is being splurged, being swindled and all that.
3. The way the politicians are conducting themselves in general – atrocious, that calls for a separate write-up in itself.
4. The way WE as people of India conduct ourselves. When we blame the politicians like Mamta Banerjee who points a finger at CPI(M) if she finds a flat tire, Chidambaram, well humour is good once in a while, not always Mr. Home Minister, we fail to see the misgivings in us.

Today, I happened to visit my companies trading portal which is primarily used for buying, selling and renting stuff. I just happened to stray into the rental side(call it lack of work) of the portal. A very disturbing trend came to my notice. There were posts of people trying to rent out homes or get roommates to share the burden of the rent. I have always seen things like – will be rented out to families only, will be rented out to Vegetarians only(that’s a nice way of saying Brahmins only in Chennai, but my dear friends, today Brahmins eat most of the meat in Chennai, given that the month of Ramzan is on). It was disheartening to see the North-South divide so very apparent in the portal. There were posts which said, Wanted 2 roommates – North Indian/Bengali girls only. So where does a Marathi or Gujrati girl go. Poor thing, she too understands and speaks Hindi. She is also from what is considered North to Chennai. Will you accommodate her? What’s the problem if your roommate is a South Indian? Won’t it make life easier for you; at least you have someone to translate what your maid says to you. Also, there are so many landlords that I have seen refuse renting out their house to a North Indian, he was showing us the house and asked me where I was from and I said from Chennai and this room was for my friend who had come along, he immediately said, “Sorry Pa, North Indian pasangalakku kuduka mattom”. When probed further he said these guys are notorious, they make a lot of noise and people complain that they drink a lot and bring girls to their house. To take a lot of flak for generalizing, that is true to an extent. I can see that the North Indian guys are far more vocal and strong in their approach. They come across as rude if you really don’t know them well. And ahem having been with North Indians to a great extent in Mumbai and now in my company, it is atrocious what they believe of Chennai and its people.

So, coming back to the point of having only North Indian roommates, I wanted to think like one of those dorks and come up with a list of things why I would need a North Indian roommate –
1. I can’t stand the smell of Sambhar and Rasam – Dude what are doing in Chennai, even if you don’t have a South Indian roommate, you have South Indian neighbours.
2. I can’t stand Tamil music – same point as above and of course they will miss some brilliant albums of ARR(including Endhiran which is in Itunes top 10 since last week) before he decides to sell it to some Bollywood producer.
3. I can’t stand the sound of Tamil – same point as above plus how will you talk to your maid, iron guy, etc.
4. I can’t stand the sight of a guy/girl with coconut oil in their hair – ok, for your information there are shampoos here and P&G chooses the Chennai market to pilot any of their hair products thanks to the quality of hair people in the South have and now I know why most of my North Indian friends are already balding.
5. I can’t have fun at home when a South Indian is there – ok, valid – we don’t drink and start peeing in front of our friends or just dish out all those gaalis, but then buddy have you ever seen your South Indian friend walk upto you and say “Buddy don’t drink tonight”
6. I can’t converse with them – Well, you are working in an IT company; they will speak a language called ENGLISH to you. If you can speak that language no worries, you two can converse really well.

Sorry, the last 15mins of becoming such a dork itself has brought me to hate myself I can’t continue with this.

Trust me the advantages of having a South Indian roommate in South India can be more helpful than not. Don’t believe me, let me explain –
1. You can possibly forget having to communicate with your maid, dhobi, watchman, house owner again. He/She will take care of it.
2. You will get to know of good restaurants and shops around as he/she is sure to have friends from Chennai who will be able to tell them.
3. Your weekends will be livelier, he/she can take you out to places and movies (including Tamil movies and translate them for you).
4. Possibly one or more weekends, you can have the room to yourself for whatever is the reason, as your roommate will go home.
5. When your roommate’s parents come to visit, you will get sweets, snacks, what not to eat and the same package whenever your roommate comes back.
6. You don’t have to really bargain with autos again.
7. Generally trend has it that South Indian guys are more miserly, so maybe he can influence you to save some hard earned money.

I really think, advertising for a roommate and then maybe adding to it preferably some caste/creed/tribe would show more civility than jumping up and down asking for a North Indian roommate.

I am thinking of making a Guide for North Indians who live in Chennai

About kanagavelkannan

A simple guy who takes life as it comes! Wakes up everyday wanting to do something different, does the same mundane thing called work and goes to sleep thinking he should do something different the next day! And inbetween all the above this soul completed his schooling, his BE, his MBA and survives by eating at home and working in IT.
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