Movies and 2010…

Taking a look back at last year, the most promising thing at the moment is Indian Cinema(leaving out telecom as today no one seems to speak about it just imagine if the industry had the capacity to see an 1.76lakh crore scam how much is that industry currently worth and what is the government doing to tap it?). Sports is a close second with CWG and Asian games success for India, but then people forget. Hardly  a month after Asian games people forgot the medals and the only thing the CWG is remembered for is Kalmadi and his scams (again overshadowed by A. Raja). So coming to cinema, it was a good year with Enthiran touching the likes of Hollywood in terms of technique in film making and 13B being sold to Fox Studios to be remade in English, it has truly touched global standards. So just taking stock of the movies that I saw and yearn to see plus those horrible times spent at the theatre squiggling in the seat waiting for the movie to get over.

Aayirathil Oruvan – Year started with this Pongal release. It was widely spoken about for the production value of the film and it was a Selvaraghavan venture without Dhanush in it. It was a well thought out movie but a tad bit long. Nice references to history(shola dynasty) and keeping in line with contemporary times and film making. The second half was unbelievable, but a good film.

Tamil Padam – Easily laughable and a good spoof. The first of its kind, this genre was never attempted at full length before. Though Vivek had given us glimpses and people showed that they loved it. This genre was a hit more than the movie. Went in with the least expectation and came back completely entertained.

Ishqiya – One of the first dialect based movies I can think of. It was hard to follow as I had never been to that part of India and my Hindi though passably good and can save my life is terrible when it comes to dialects. Some dialogues were enjoyable. Tumhara love love aur humara love sex was one notable thing I remember. The other movie in this genre was Peepli Live. Which maybe I didn’t enjoy much for the same reason.

Karthik Calling Karthik – I thought it was a good movie. Or maybe I was lost in Deepika’s long legs while the movie got over. The plot was nice. We had seen MPDs before and it was not new, but the movie was well scripted and kept you gripped. Though a few things like why the guy keeps buying the same phone even after moving to Kerela is inexplicable.

Athithi Tum Kab Jaoge – Uff. This is a part of the squiggling in the seat category. Nothing worthwhile in the movie. Even Konkana Sen Sharma and Paresh Rawal couldn’t salvage this movie.

Vinnaithandi Varuvaya – Many may not agree with me, but the movie was a boring affair. It was long, slow, with deep voiced monologues and left a lot to desire. With two of the worst actors playing the lead even a director of the caliber of Gautam Menon struggled. Wasn’t surprised that Balachander liked the movie. Thankfully watched the movie in Sathyam with a full house, the comments from the front benches were far more appreciable than the movie itself. ARR weaved magic with the songs and those songs will be evergreen for a long time. Only to be listened.

Singam – Easily the biggest entertainer of the year if not for the superstar. Masala to the core and extremely enjoyable, leave your brain at home and enjoy the movie genre. It was a pleasure watching the movie and Anushka on large screen for the first time. The songs were a treat and stole my heart. Literally.

My Name is Khan – As one my friend put it. My name is this, I am not a terrorist, then why the hell did your torture me for 4hrs Mr. Karan Johar. Thanks to shiv sena, the movie got its due publicity. Lesser said about the movie, the better.

Moscowin Kaveri – Yet another mistake of mine. It was directed by a cinematographer. But I guess even my 6 year old nephew will give a better output. Atleast there should have been breathtaking visuals. That was amiss. Sorry Tungi.

Baana Kaathadi – It was a realistic tale. Nothing to complain about. Songs were Yuvan standard. Nothing too great, too new about the movie. Nevertheless if they can keep you in your seat without complaining with that thin a storyline, something in the movie has to have worked.

Paiyaa – Again a movie which was received well which was of the leave your brain at home to enjoy the movie kind. Interesting road trip but unbelievable mostly.

Irumbu Kottai Murattu Singam – Don’t know why this movie hit it off with the audience. Not a major hit, but somehow did decent at the box office to remain in my memory and find a mention in this post. Baskar was a treat to watch.

Naan Mahaan Alla – Expected to be an entertainer after Karthi was starred in it and the songs were pleasing to the year. The second half strayed and made me want to forget the movie.

Raavanan – Oh my god! Biggest disappointment of the year would be an understatement for this movie. Luckily saved myself from watching the Hindi version, all those who did see it wanted to kill themselves seeing Abhishek Bachchan. Life goes on for everyone but Reliance pictures I guess.

Raajneeti – After all the hype that it got it was disappointing. I didn’t find it much likeable. Maybe if it wasn’t equated to Mahabaratha and I wasn’t looking for similarities as I watched the movie I would’ve enjoyed it a bit more. Deglamourized Katrina was nice to see.

Vaa Quarter Cutting – A huge let down to say the least. It was a movie which was anticipated after a brilliant spoof like Tamil Padam did superbly. But the movie was a dampner. Nothing to laugh at but yourself at the end of the show(you paid 120bucks to watch this movie? ROFL).  Lekha at best looked like a lost lamb just strayed into the sets of the movie.

Dabangg – Comedy to the hilt. Salman scored with this movie. Out and out fun and nothing else. The ringtone dance was something to laugh about long after you had left the hall. Sonakshi was a refreshing face to an otherwise stereotypical hindi movie heroine.

Phas gaye re Obama – Guess Pakistani production house wanted to prove that they can make a good entertainer too. No star cast to boast off, a decent and gripping tale. Interesting movie though didn’t do too well at the box office.

Enthiran – Have already spoken to many of you about this movie. So will not write much about it now. I write not as a Rajni fan but this movie has taken Indian cinema to new levels. Lot of people found it fashionable to put up FB status saying they don’t like the movie. It was topped by a friend from college who after 2 months of research found a slightly related movie from 1980’s from which Sujata had claimed to have had an inspiration from.

Band Baaja Baarat – Once again proved that if you walk into the cinema hall with little expectation you will come out of it entertained. Nice movie. Feel good film. Lead pair looked amazing on screen. Anushka Sharma was as pretty as she can get.

Nandhalala – A film which again I squiggled in the seats. Guess it was way over my head. I really didn’t see anything in the movie. Again Ilayaraja was brilliant. The background score was just awesome.

Manmadhan Ambu – A perfect spoiler for an otherwise great year. Would have loved to end the post on a positive note but then this movie had to be released in the last week of the year and be such a pathetic one that no one can miss this one.  Looks like Kamal and KS Ravikumar have lost the ability to provide entertainers.

This year saw some movies which were categorized under the realistic genre see silver screen success. Kalavaani, Mynaa, Angadi Theru were among them. It was not highly expected, it was pretty well marketed thanks to the production houses from the first family of Tamilnadu deciding to buy and release them and advertising for them in their satellite channels. Among these Angadi Theru was  a movie I didn’t understand and my friends who came with me to see the movie were not very appreciative of it either. My friend though after reading this suggested that it had done well at many film festivals as well. Sindhu Samaveli was an attempt at that, but the content was disapproved by the audience and very soon it went into oblivion cause people found it taboo to watch the movie at a cinema hall.

This year also had a dose of movies remade from Telegu movies. I skipped most of them as I had watched the telegu version and somehow didn’t appreciate the scene by scene copy of it. Inidhu Inidhu was disappointing when Happy Days was heart warming. Kick was entertaining, Thillalangadi was loud and jarring. I didn’t watch Uthamaputhiran as I didn’t want to see Dhanush with Genelia but somehow felt that the telegu version itself was boring this wouldn’t have been any better. Mindless remakes are not the order of the day. It needs to be altered to suit the taste of the audience. TN and AP might be neighbours but somehow they don’t share much of the same taste, ever since NTR and MGR till Chiru and Rajni.

When speaking about all these movies. There is one thing that needs to be noticed, the TN first family has released most of them. It’s a pity that they even now decide what we see. But even this year I was not able to resist myself from downloading and watching movies rather than hitting the theatres to watch them, most movies I couldn’t justify the 120buck ticket + 20bucks parking + 100bucks popcorn. It is an even bigger pity that the only English movie I think I saw in a cinema hall was Inception. Everything else was downloaded from torrents.

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2 Responses to Movies and 2010…

  1. Koushik says:

    good one. Haven’t seen all of these but
    Agree on vtv..had the same opinion.
    Tamil padam..lollu sabha did it better consistently for a long time, was disappointed.
    Nan mahan alla was good imo.

  2. yeah koushik lollu sabha did it… but its no more on air… all those guys are in movies now..

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