The drama at Delhi…

Over the past 60 years of Independence and so politics we have had many governments and many scandals. But somehow 2010 has turned out to be the mother of all in those terms. All said and done we will never see an uprising like in Egypt thanks to the majority rich and poor going hand in hand with the politicians in the country. The rich are hand in glove with the politicians in the scandal and earning money or power or both so they arent going to complain, the poor are kept out of the scandals as it doesn’t directly pertain to them (or so say the panchayat leaders) and are kept happy with the free TV and free sari for Pongal. Its only the middle class that cribs but then they dream to be where the rich are and fear being where the poor are and so don’t want to be vocal about it. Arresting Raja after some 5 months and when the whole issue is actually dying a natural death (thanks to the most common habit of Indians – Forgetfulness) is of actually no use. If the govt. hopes to continue the budget session of parliament because of this late and slow act of theirs I guess they should be wrong – in any other country, but in India they well maybe right. What did they wait 5 months for, Raja to open a Swiss Bank account and deposit the money there? Maybe that is why they haven’t found the need to disclose the list they have got from UBS. I’m sure the judges names are not there, it must be Sonia and Rahul leading the pack with Advani and Sushma close on their heels in that list. Atleast the Ambani shows that he has got a billion dollars with which he can build a house. It also shows that atleast he has paid tax to the country to that tune that he can build a house like that. Its not like the politicians who still claim to have only 1 ambassador and a house and 6crore in bank accounts when his children and grandchildren are moving the economy in South India owning airlines, TV Channels, movie production houses, hair salons, real estate ventures and any other industry you can think of. They are more likely to stash away money in Swiss accounts and if the list is with them how will you expect them to come out publicly about it. Maybe they will wait for 5 more months to move the money to other tax havens like Aruba or Norfolk Islands and then get a fresh list and show some scape goats which anyways the people will soon forget about. This government even otherwise has had a pretty lackadaisical approach to matters. Take for instance the fisherman problem. Yes they are Tamil fishermen and I support the twitter cause for it, but they are also INDIAN fishermen. Why cant they request the coast guard to keep an eye on activities out there. You can get both sides of the stories then. I am not asking the CG to go behind every boat. If anyone has even looked at a pond of fish or a fish tank at home, the maximum density is at a particular spot where the fishermen actually lay their net. Infact you don’t even have to be physically present in that area. Just use your satellites to keep an eye on whether the Srilankan navy has actually done something. Talking on the table with a man who can lie through his teeth on the conditions of Tamils in Srilanka about firing at a foreigner I don’t see any action actually coming through. The CWG matter is also forgotten that it doesn’t even appear on page 10 in the papers. I’m sure with the new F1 track coming up, there will be some hue and cry over that and soon 2G, CWG and the fishermen will take a back seat. In a country which thinks that only those in high posts and media are doing exemplary services to the nation, what else do you expect? They can give actress Tabassum a Padma Shree but not a Krishnan in Madurai who is feeding the homeless everyday. The NSE chairman given the Padma Vibhushan but not a Dr V. Shanta of the Cancer Institute. They in reality are doing exemplary services to the country. If India has earned the name of being among the top in healthcare and gets people from across borders to get treatment for heart diseases I am sure Tabu has not done much about it. It is not just the government at fault. What does the opposition do? Just blame the ruling party for all faults. I think the next tweet of Sushma Swaraj will be on the unfair ways of the congress government in telecasting football matches that Man United are on their way to win the league without losing a single game. Come on where else in the world does the leader of opposition request a meeting with the external affairs minister through twitter ( ). No wonder IT is soon going to be a $150+bn industry in India. But coming back to the issue in question there has been absolutely no constructive approach to solving problems. Yes, 2G has happened, possibly the PM is involved or atleast turned a blind eye to it so what is the way forward. Cancel the licenses and award fresh ones? Ask the companies that had got the licenses to cough up the difference? Ask the politicians to pay the difference withdrawing from their Swiss bank accounts? What should be done? Didn’t Vodafone do that when it found that Essar pocketed the money and vanished without paying tax? I think we need to look at bringing to the front problems. Not just to point fingers and make fun of politicos, but to think out valid solutions to these problems. The day we have atleast 10-20% of the parliament with such people we will have truly earned the name of being a developing nation. Till then we are right at the bottom of the under developed nation list.

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A simple guy who takes life as it comes! Wakes up everyday wanting to do something different, does the same mundane thing called work and goes to sleep thinking he should do something different the next day! And inbetween all the above this soul completed his schooling, his BE, his MBA and survives by eating at home and working in IT.
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