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Well after my post on movies in 2010(https://minimumaperture.wordpress.com/2011/01/04/movies-and-2010/) , I have always wanted to write about the movies I have watched so far in 2011. Nothing was worth a mention so far and hence the decision kept being deferred. But I have now reached the point, where I could easily forget movies that I had seen in January – especially the good ones as the bad ones pretty vividly haunting me.

Every year big tamil movie releases are festival based rather than anything else. There used to be a Rajnikanth and Kamalhaasan movie released on the same date and then the fans used to work hard to ensure that one movie lasted in the theatres more than the other. But these days there is only one big budget movie released in a week thanks to intervention from producers association(whose headquarters they can actually shift to Karunanidhi’s dinner table as only his family produces movies). So the “so called” Pongal releases were almost forgettable to say the least. If not for the political tamasha surrounding the release of Kaavalan, it would have gone unnoticed that three movies hit the screens for Pongal.

Aadukalam – This movie was realistic. Yes. Anglo Indian girls are like that, they wear clothes like that. But the realism ends there, no self respecting girl will fall in love with some loose character as in the movie. Nevertheless it was a good movie. You will come out of the hall depressed, but it was good.

Kaavalan – It was decent. No it was not like Main hoon na. If you thought so, pls watch the movie. Vijay has shown acting skills (minimum, but nevertheless). Asin was just ordinary – guess bollywood does that to you.

Ilaingan and Siruthai definitely don’t deserve more than a sentence here, so be it.

Yutham Sei – This was next in line release. Gripping tale, CID cant take action, Realism and all that aside, characterization was pathetic to say the least. It was funny and sometimes to the extent irritating to see Cheran play a cop. He was pleading to more people in the movie than a beggar in front of Kapaleeshwarar Temple.

Thoonga Nagarm – Ok. By this time, I had had enough of movies showing Madurai as rustic and backward and people of the city carrying sickles and knifes as if it were pens. That is not the case. Please visit the town to see how nice and forward it is. Now Madurai even has KFC and Dominos pizza. It has Big Cinemas screening shows where tickets cost Rs. 500 for the first weekend. But still, the movie was passable. Friendship (though at a very cheap and unbelievable pretext) and ensuing things were shown well.

Payanam – Not exactly the valentine release you would expect, but it was a good movie. But coming from the Prakashraj stable with Radhamohan at the helm, you expect it to be good and good it was. Loved the humour, pace and technicality that was shown in the movie. Well they make fun of movies in the movie itself (the initial talk between the commandos) so going by that logic, some liberties are allowed after all.

Nil Gavani Sellathey – A good warning for the viewers not to go for the movie in the title itself. Dragging to say the least. I guess our directors need to learn that unkempt, differently able people are not evil and darkness is not scary.

Maapillai – I haven’t seen this film. But when I asked my friend to come along, he said please sit and watch the Rajni film as this one is not even worth a half hour watch.Goes a long way to say how he felt about the movie. Being Superstar’s son in law alone doesnt guarantee you a ticket to bore people.

Ko – The latest movie that I have seen. A good movie after a long time (payanam was good – but it was a genre not all will enjoy). May be a copy of State of Play. But whatever. It had all the entertainment elements required for the audience. It had the right amount of masala that is required of a hit tamil movie these days. This is a watch for all genre movie. Songs, fights, twists and all. Refreshing movie – each frame was a photograph in itself. I guess you can expect that in a movie directed by a cinematographer. Timing of the release was even perfect, just after people have voted and made a choice. Had this movie come before the elections, the people would have been slightly more confused about whom to vote for.

The coming weeks seem to be promising to say the least – Vaanam(even if its half as good as its telegu version), Theivathirumagan, Engeyum Kaadhal. Later on in the year we can expect – Avan Ivan, Elaam Arivu, Mankatha, Velayudham, Vengai,Nanban. Lets see.

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