The Real Inspector Hound – Quaff Productions

I missed 2 plays this first season, one of which I didn’t mind missing; the other I had to miss to be elsewhere. So this was my first taste of this year’s theatre fest and I must say I am impressed. From near empty halls and a few plays that can best be boasted as having been performed at Mumbai and Delhi before here at best, it’s a long journey in the last few years. Having a live performance, and people actually sitting and listening to, in my opinion decent, rendition of Rihana  and applauding the performers was amazing to see. People actually trying the games and caricature stalls too was surprising, but we have been doing that ever since we had trade fairs at Island Ground. But it truly had a fest feel to it.

Even before coming to the play, I just went through some viewer reviews and decided to give this shot at humor a try. I somehow had to erase the very good and humorous ’39 Steps’ before stepping in to see this Whodunit comedy. Given that Kalki Koechlin was a part of cast was a totally different thing which pulled me to the theatre on a Sunday evening. When the play started, I was pretty disappointed, all it had to offer was small slapstick humour, small bits of the script made witty to enthuse the audience. But as it went along, somehow the play intrigued me. Was it a whodunit? Was it a slapstick comedy play? Whatever it was, even during the serious parts, they could bring in the humour and at the same time maintain the suspense in the audience mind. The totally irrelevant first part or so I thought was made so relevant and ultimately key to the plot helped in making it enjoyable even more.

I will be giving away too much if I say anymore. So next time this production is playing at a theatre near you, please ensure you watch it.

Back to the fest as such. I think the organizers should close the doors as the play starts. I didn’t pay 300bucks to watch the guy and girls butt. Atleast if you come late, have the courtesy of waiting till your eyes adjust and then spotting a seat and taking it. Not just in a play, even in a cinema hall.

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