Thai Travelogue – 5

Bangkok, Thailand

It was the last day of our stay in Thailand. We reached our hotel in Bangkok after losing our way more than once after entering the city thanks to the maze of flyovers. It was a decent hotel in the heart of town at Sukhumvit. Checked in, stretched our legs and had a much needed shower and wanted to check out Bangkok’s much touted night life but had to return our rental car before 11AM the next day. Knowing our condition after the day long journey back, we decided not to risk leaving it for the next day and instead return it the same night. So we headed out for dinner and then 3 of us stepped out to return the car. It was smooth and we returned back to the hotel by 1AM and hit the sack.

The next morning, we decided to check out the town, so headed out to the metro station which was 10 minutes from our hotel and punched in tickets to the station closest to the palace. We went to the palace and as expected some touts told us that the palace was closed and only opened by 3PM. Thanks to all the blogs and travel sites we read, we ensured that we didn’t listen to them and walked to the other side to check out the Emerald Buddha. We then went ahead and visited another temple or Wat as they call it in Thai. This Wat housed one of the largest idols of a reclining Budha that extended over a 100feet. Once done with this, we stepped out and had a tender coconut to refresh ourselves and headed to the pier.

At the pier we enquired about the floating market and bargained for a price of 1000baht for a long tailed boat for the 4 of us. It was pretty disappointing to see only 2 boats that were selling stuff and that too at a very high premium. Plus we were all very tired and hence weren’t all that enthusiastic. We had a very nice boatman who was very slow and didn’t speak English, but then understood what we wanted to see and slowed down when something interesting came up. It was around 4PM when we got back to the pier. Once back at the pier, we headed straight back to the road and hired a cab to the nearest metro station to take us to Sukhumvit to our hotel. Got down at Asok station and then enquired about the airport line and how long it takes. Then went back to the hotel to get our bags, my friend took his bag and went on his way to the airport. I decided to walk down Sukhumvit to check the market. It was a good market with a lot of things on sale. But then I wasn’t sure of what to buy or what not to so kept myself from doing any unwanted shopping and wasted 40minutes walking around. Once I collected my bag from the hotel I headed to the station when it started pouring. It was really torrential rain and thankfully it started only after I got to the train, then reached the station with Airport transfer, was told that there is a direct non-stop train which I readily took as it took a whole 20-25mins lesser than the other train and anyways the next regular train was 15mins after this direct train. Reached the Suvarnabhoomi airport and was amazed at the convenience of reaching the airport from the city. It was pouring outside, but thanks to the metro reaching inside the airport, I could get out dry.

I need to make a point here, please ensure that you are early to the airport as the economy class queues are serpentine and never ending. Thanks to the confusion some people cause knowingly/unknowingly the wait time in the queue is huge. Though there is no cut off time for reporting, it doesn’t unnerve you if you are still in the queue when your flight is just an hour away. Also another very interesting thing I noticed was the number of passengers carrying back 42″ LCD TVs. It was almost like every other person in the check-in line had one. Anyhow, checked in without much hassle and was all set to return back to office and work. It was a good and well deserved vacation.

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A simple guy who takes life as it comes! Wakes up everyday wanting to do something different, does the same mundane thing called work and goes to sleep thinking he should do something different the next day! And inbetween all the above this soul completed his schooling, his BE, his MBA and survives by eating at home and working in IT.
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