Kollywood in 2011 – Part 2

It’s time for the next post on the movies in Kollywood as almost all the movies listed as the ones I am awaiting in my previous post (https://minimumaperture.wordpress.com/2011/04/26/ko-llywood-so-far%e2%80%a6/) have been released barring Nanban. So here it goes.

Vaanam – Disappointed totally. Bharath, Simbu just couldn’t rescue the movie. The one song that rocked the youth of Tamilnadu was the only thing that remained to be spoken about. As Simbu often says in the movie. Enna Vazhkai da ithu I guess was added after seeing a rush of the movie.

Deivathirumagal – Wow! Just Wow! Just for the emotions that the little girl brought on screen was amazing. I’m sure everyone would have left the movie hall wiping away that little tear drop in the corner of their eye. I’m not a big fan of such artsy movies but this is just an exception. The classroom window, the courtroom and each and every frame in the movie was brilliant. Vikram may be the national award winner, but the little girl just stole the frame, every one of them, from him.

Engeyum Kadhal – Terrible. The movie opened very well with Prabhu Deva dancing (after a pretty long time) to a brilliantly composed song. But the whole plot was lost there. I think Prabhu Deva is a one film wonder when it comes to direction or is very distracted by Nayan at the moment.

Avan Ivan – I went to the movie 15 minutes late. Never have I been so thankful in my life to the traffic, to the lazy parking attendant taking time to let me park my bike. I think those 15mins were the best part of the film. Bala – where was the comedy you promised? Arya’s naturalness definitely couldn’t save the movie and Vishal should stick to the police officer or village head’s son roles that he plays with utmost ease.

180 or Nootrenbathu (well there is no tax exemption on blogs) – Well I did have some expectations about the film. I am terribly sorry I did. The only thing that worked was cinematography. Everything else in the movie was below average, including Siddharth that is. Worst ever plot I have seen in a movie, absolutely no premise. But making that long a movie with such a wafer thin premise needs guts.

Mankatha – Never before has a movie been promised to deliver so much and never before has something failed so much to meet the expectation. It didn’t have even a small bit of what was promised. A totally unbelievable script and an amazingly stupid plot, never before have I seen so many good actors wasted in a single movie. Only thing I related to in the movie was – Ajith says each time he drinks – Sathyama innime sarakku adikka maaten and everytime I see a bad movie I decide – Sathyama innime intha maathiri hype padatha theatre la paaka maaten.

Vengai – Nothing much to write about. Village head, son, enemy, yeah you get the plot. Only twist heroine also wants to be negative character but isn’t allowed to in the end. Tamil cinema – please learn.

Engeyum Eppothum – Now, I am not a fan of movies with a negative ending. The very fact that I watch movies is because it has a larger than life element in it. That’s where the kick is, Hero saving the world, winning the fight against the politician or the 10times larger than him lamb leg eating villain’s henchman, I guess you get the hang of what I am saying. The movie had a lot of potential, tying together so many things that happen on that day and even 6 months earlier. Enjoyed the freshness and the whole experience of the characters as they had portrayed in the movie but the last 15minutes ruined the whole thing for me. If you have a sad ending, have a strong message in the movie. The only message I could get out of the movie was a message to all those cleaner boys in the Lorries – please tie the plastic sheet properly!

Elaam Arivu – As I read in facebook, it should be said as Elaam Aruvai! Well it isn’t that bad. But then what else do you expect. Now imagine the tags to the post are – DNA, Tamil History, Pallava Dynasty, China, Bodhidharma, Virus and then the post has something unrelated in terms of beautiful girl falling for a circus clown riding a elephant in the hot sun, clown singing in Perambur railway yard, duet in some nice beautiful beach and then one Chinese guy with a killer attitude, how cheated will you feel. A serious hangover from Dasavatharam, it follows on a similar screenplay. The director though has confused himself on whether to give a science fiction with some sermonizing or give a commercial masala movie. In his attempt to please A,B,C centers he has lost the plot. One question – Chimps and Humans have a >95% DNA compatibility (in some casesmore) so Mr. Murugadoss how come our fore fathers DNA just matches 85%? I think you should have preached about researching more about our past like you did about corruption in Ramanaa or should’ve made an entertainer like Ghajini, being caught up between the two is not a good excuse.

Velayudham – My god! Entertainer of the year should go for this. It takes guts to actually show the whole movie in the trailer and then expect audiences to come to theatres to watch the movie. I haven’t seen the Telegu version of it and if I ask my Telegu friends they will swear that the original was zillion times better, so didn’t bother asking. It has all the elements of a Vijay movie plus has Genelia in it. Need I write anymore?

Oh. This year also brought out a new trend – movies being screened on television almost the same time it was released. Kandaen was one of them – My god! I think that movie should’ve been released in TV directly. Anyone who watched the movie in the theatre deserves their money back with interest. Ditto with Ayanaar, Kulla Nari Kootam and any new movie shown on Vijay TV I guess.

There were some movies I did miss and think I need to see them – Vaagai Sooda Vaa is one of them. The one song “Saara Saara” was enough to get me interested in the movie, Veppam, Rowthiram, Vanthaan Vendraan, Yuvan Yuvathi, Kanchana are some that I want to watch but am against downloading and wasting bandwidth on.

So coming to the end of the year, what is left is Osthi – Dabaang’s remake on which I have zero expectation as that movie was hit because of Salman and for Simbu to pull it off is equivalent to my grandma scaling Mt.Everest. Mayakkam Enna – I guess its time to get back to Kadhal Kondein for Dhanush. Aravaan which promises to be a period film, Rajapattai for Vikram and I guess the only low budget director to have hit the chord everytime Sasikumar’s Poraali.

Let’s see if they can end the year on a good note.

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